23 June 2010

The Microlite Penguins DXpedition team is pleased to announce the major equipment sponsors for our upcoming South Ornkeys DXpedition.

The world-famous Elecraft will be providing us with a full set of K3 transceivers. Light in weight but heavy on performance, the K3 was the obvious choice for this challenging polar DXpedition. We will also be taking along a set Acom 1010 amplifiers, which will help overcome some of the low-band difficulties and help keep our signals above the noise.

The main force behind our antenna field is DX Engineering, who will be supplying VP8ORK with brand new hardware for a complete set of verticals from 40m through 10m.

Complementing the DX Engineering antenna field is SteppIR, who will also be providing two of their rugged BigIR vertical antennas. This will allow us maximum flexibility with propagation, and two stations active within the same band whenever possible.

We will also have with us the "gold-standard" in extreme location DXpedition antennas: The Battle Creek Special. This proven low-band performer will provide the backbone to the VP8ORK effort on 80 and 160, ensuring you hear us. And so we can hear YOU, we'll also have one of DX Engineering's 4-square receive antenna systems.

And for additional firepower on the low bands, we will have 60 foot and 85 foot Spiderbeam fiberglass masts supporting vertical wires tuned for 80 and 160. Again, this allows simultaneous CW and SSB operation on 80 and gives us redundancy on 160.

Additional sponsors include Primus, who has graciously donated over 3000 feet of LMR-400 coax, and RigExpert Canada, who has come through with a full set of interfaces for our K3s.

With this fantastic range of equipment and some of the most experienced operators ever assembled, VP8ORK is set to be the premier DX event of 2011.

Major DXpeditions to polar regions come at a heavy price. Only with your generous donations can we ensure this adventure is a success. Please consider donating at www.vp8o.com

73 and see you on the bands!

The Microlite Penguins DXpedition Team