4 January 2011

VP8ORK Press Release #4

The VP8ORK DXpedition is fast approaching and all systems are go for an on-time sailing. Our container of cargo is already in Southern Argentina, and the Braveheart is ahead of schedule to meet us when we all arrive in a few weeks. We expect to be on the air with 7 stations, including the 80m and 160m, no later than January 27.

Our operating frequencies are now listed here.

As has been said before, major DXpeditions to remote Antarctic islands take an enormous amount of money to execute. Chartering a ship, obtaining environmental permits, food, provisions, heat, shelter, generators, life support... all of this adds up to an unbelievable expense just to hand out a "new one" to the DXer at home. This means we need support from each and every one of you out there to make this happen. No amount is too small, so please consider donating. Details on how to make an easy contribution by PAYPAL can be found on our website.

We look forward to hearing you on the bands in a few weeks.


James Brooks, 9V1YC

The Microlite Penguins DXpedition Team
VP8ORK South Orkney 2011